Our founder is an enthusiastic and passionate engineer and maker. She has an M.Tech from IISc, and experience working with children in Bangalore, and Bay Area, USA. She loves all things “making” and “teaching”. Tinkerama is her brainchild, and she hopes to make a real difference with it. In her increasingly disappearing spare time, she reads books, for herself, and her kid who’s already a bookworm like her!



   An top notch engineer with an M Tech from IISc, this natural problem solver and maker has many ideas up his sleeve. With his expertise, he’s rightly the mastermind behind the workshops conducted by Tinkerama. He works as a firmware engineer in Broadcom, and spends his spare time inventing toys for his 2 year old!




Strategic advisor

  This product manager for Loud Cloud is a total business ninja. She has an MBA from ISB, Hyderabad, and is a serial entrepreneur! She’s applying her invaluable experience as Strategy Advisor to Tinkerama. She loves to write, and is currently working on some awesome children’s books!




Ojasvi is an Electronics and Communication engineer who is also an excellent maker and tinkerer. She was a panelist at the Panel Discussion: Hardware Ecosystem Differences in Asia and Europe and presented a talk at Toulouse on ‘Innovation in 3rd World countries’. She was invited to conduct a workshop and presentation in San Tiago, Chile on her program ‘Made By Her’ and presented a talk on the same at TGP 2017. A finalist for MIT Entreprenuership Bootcamp 2016, Ojasvi is a very enthusiastic trainer and like all of us a maker who spends most of her spare time tinkering around with stuff and writing extremely intuitive articles and blogs.



Shivani is an soon-to-be engineer who is currently pursuing her bachelors in Electronics and Communication engineering. The digital media you see on all our pages is handled by her. She plans on getting a Masters in Business and spends most of her time reading books and articles.



Web designer

 Anjali is a digital journalist who has worked at The Washington Times, Voice of America Asia and Capital News Service. She now works to raise awareness of the importance of special education in India, but continues to write when she can. In her spare time, she hunts to find the world’s best cinnamon bun and attempts to finish the scarf she started knitting seven years ago.