Christmas style Paper Circuits!

We had a paper circuits workshop in December, and of course, we went with the Christmas theme! The group of bright young creative students all made christmas ornaments that light up!  They picked their design, chose their colors, and made the ornament. Then they learnt how light bulbs and switches work, and they applied their new knowledge to make fantastic, take-home creations. Here are a few in pictures.

Creative process is messy, and fun!

Lots of fairies and angels!

And here’s a blue nosed reindeer, because, why not!

Isn’t this snowman cute?

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Maker Faire Bengaluru 2017

Tinkerama exhibited at Maker faire 2017! It was as exciting as we thought it would be!

This was Bengaluru’s very first maker faire. It was held at Bangalore Palace, on Nov 17th and 18th. We turned up early on 17th and set up our booth.


Come 9am, people started pouring in. We had plenty of demos to show off.

The POV was a crowd puller! Here’s our POV in action, showing different messages on the fly.

Here’s ardoodler, making the most amazing doodles! Kids loved the doodling. We made buses and cars, trees and leaves, names and signatures. It was a lot of fun!


The magic lamps dazzled, as did the theremin. We also did a workshop on the Arduino theremin, and people loved it!


We loved connecting with the enthusiastic, fun crowd, and made lots of friends in the maker community! We hope to be at more such fairs in the future!