Riddles and puzzles


Three people check into a hotel, pay $30 for a room and immediately get into the room to get refreshed.
But the cost of the room is $25. Thus a bellboy is sent to their room to return the remainder of $5. 
On the way to the room, the bellboy reasons that $5 would be difficult to share among three people. So he pockets $2 and gives $1 to each person.
Now each person had paid $10 and got back $1.
So they paid $9 each- totalling $27.
The bellboy has $2, totalling $29.
Where is the missing $1


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Riddles and puzzles


You have 1,000 bottles of wine, and exactly one bottle is poisoned. You need to find the poisoned wine before your party starts in an hour. You have 10 rats to test on to find out which bottle is deadly. The poison takes effect after an hour of consumption, so you only have one chance to run your rat poison experiment, meaning you can’t feed some rats wine and wait an hour before feeding them more wine. Assume each rat can drink as much wine as you feed it. How do you find the poisoned wine?


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