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I’m an engineer by day and avid tinkerer in my free time. I love making and building things, and tinkering with electronics. I also love to teach. Tinkerama is an effort to combine the two, and encourage a whole generation of innovators and makers! I have workshops designed specially to teach learning through making and tinkering, with materials, tools and electronics. This approach to teaching is geared to instill creative confidence in students, enabling them to innovate fearlessly.


I completed my Masters in Electronics Design from IISc, Bangalore, and have worked as a firmware engineer in the semiconductor fied.
In my free time, I build things with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis.
I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at The Tech Museum, San Jose, during my stint in the Silicon Valley. While interacting with kids at the museum, I realized the power of learning by making.
I also collaborated with like minded folks with Workshop Weekend and Codechix, conducting workshops that teach electronics through making.

I live in Bangalore, with my wonderful husband and lovely daughter.

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