STEAM Tinkering Club

Tinkering is best done in an open-ended environment, where kids can follow their train of thought and try out things that are interesting to them at that point. It also allows for longer projects, since we can save our efforts from the last session, and continue where we left off.

More than that, a club allows like minded kids to interact, collaborate and come up with the best ideas, and a way to build on those ideas. With a flexible curriculum, the club works best for inquisitive minds, the kind that brings the crazy ideas!

To make this possible, we have introduced the Tinkerama Club.

Enable your child to find her creative side, and come make at the Tinkerama Club, where we explore how stuff works, build our own models, understand everything in the STEAM spectrum. We follow our thoughts, and give our ideas shape, by making and building with our hands and learning new skills along the way.

Here are some ideas of what we would work on in a club

For the young ones ( 7 – 11 yrs old):

  • Build a car
  • Learn with paper circuits
  • Build structures, like towers and bridges
  • Learn about motion and mechanisms

For the teenagers (12 – 15 yrs old):

  • Explore 3D modeling
  • Learn about programming – Make your own game
  • Learn about motion, mechanisms, gears
  • Get trained in design thinking
  • Get started with Arduino/Raspberry Pi

Want to join a club?

All the running clubs will be posted on this website, and our facebook page. Pick any you like, and give me a call to join!


Want to start a club in your area?

We need 10 students or more to form a club in any area. We would also need a space to work, close to the children (think club house, school classroom, garage). the space would have to have the following

  • Tables and chairs/benches
  • electrical sockets

Club duration can be 1 month or 3 months. 2 hours per week. Call 9886101713 to enquire.