Welcome to Tinkerama! We are excited to announce these workshops. Check our our News page for pictures and videos of past workshops. Contact us to arrange any of these workshops for your school/college/company. Customized workshops are available on request.

Automatic Night Light – Soldering Workshop

Make a night light that turns on automatically when the room becomes dark, and switches off automatically too! Solder all the components to make a cool Night Light. Customize it by making your own lamp shade!


Minimum age for this workshop is 13 years old. Parents must be present at workshop.

Duration: 3 hours


Arduino Theremin

Learn how to make a musical instrument called theremin, using an Arduino. The Theremin is a musical instrument that you play without touching it! If you haven’t heard about a theremin before, no worries! Here’s the reference to the original Theremin,  invented by Leon Theremin, and patented in 1928.

This project requires no soldering. It does require some programming. This  workshop is a great introduction to electronics and  programming.

Minimum age is 13yrs (8th grade students). The workshop takes about 4 hours to complete.


Paper Circuits

Meet Koko and Bee, the light up puppets from a far away galaxy! Learn to make puppets like these in the fun paper circuits workshop. Explore your creative side, by making fun things, and learn about electricity along the way. This workshop can be customized for time and theme, and takes about 2-3 hours.

This is a great way to get started with electronics, for little tykes, as young as 8 years old!


Get Started with Robotics – Build a remote controlled car

Make a car that can be controlled with your TV remote. Bring your own cardboard box to house the car, and your remote, and build a cool car that responds to the remote!

Minimum Age: 12yrs


Soft Circuits – Make a light up soft toy

Make a soft toy with felt that lights up in this 4 hour workshop. This workshop is a great way for young ones to explore working with new materials. They can give flight to their imagination, and make the most wacky toy. They will learn how to add electronics to it, and make it light up! And the best part is… they get to take it home!

Minimum Age: 8yrs