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Ages 8+

How a Tinkerama Kit Works

1. Place an order! Order now, then sit tight as a new collection of fun STEM projects are delivered to your home every month.

2. Start Tinkering!  Complete all the steps of the project at your own pace. Watch instructional videos, read the tinkering prompts, and brainstorm new designs.

3. Join Free MasterClass! Join our expert educator for a live session to check your progress.

Peek inside some of our kits

4 Steps to Every Box


Make your first activity in the kit
by following our instructional videos online. Get familiar with new materials. Access our masterclass to ask questions.


Complete a workbook of activities to learn the underlying concepts, whether it's circuits, gears, simple machines, or light and shadows.


Make the project with the tinkering prompts provided online. Ask any questions that you may have about the project through an online form.


Explore ways to make your project better. Design your ideas, come up with something original and try it out. Work on it at your pace till you get it right.

Choose from one of three packs

Paper Circuits

Paper Circuits

Invent a Vehicle

Invent a Vehicle

Bots & Robots

Bots & Robots

3 Month Subscription

3 Month Subscription

₹2,250.00Regular Price₹1,800.00Sale Price
6 Month Subscription

6 Month Subscription

₹4,500.00Regular Price₹3,375.00Sale Price


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