Arduino Theremin at St Aloysius Degree College


I conducted an Arduino Theremin workshop on September 23rd, for BCA students (1st year and 3rd year) at St. Aloysius Degree College.

Making the theremin with an Arduino required learning basics of electronics, and some programming as well. The students did very well, following through the logical steps of the workshop. They first started with a simple project and made an LED blink, then controlled the blink rate. They progressively worked from there and went on to complete the final theremin project. They had fun playing it at the end of the workshop! Here are some pictures from the workshop

Arduino Theremin at Codechix

Bay Area, USA

I conducted a successful workshop for Codechix at Bay Area in April 2015. The students made an Arduino Theremin, and had great fun doing it! Here are some pictures from the workshop.

Paper Circuits

I helped fellow maker Lindsay with her paper circuits workshop at Hacker Dojo, Mountain View.