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Follow the steps below to make your wind powered car. Gather the materials shown below. Also keep fevicol and sketchpens handy!


Step 1: Put the axle rods in the wheels

Remove the foam at the center of the wheels. Put the dowel sticks (axle rods in the center of the foam wheels as shown. Ensure the rods are standing straight up, and not leaning to one side, when the wheel is resting on the table.


Step 2: Draw a line on the cardboard sheet

Measure the width of 12cm on the cardboard from one side. Draw a straight line for the whole length of the cardboard sheet.

Step 3: Cut on the drawn line

Cut the cardboard sheet on the line you just drew.

Step 4: Cut a straw in half

Take one straw, and cut it in half.

Step 5: Paste the straws on the cardboard

The cardboard is our car chassis. Using tape, stick the straw pieces to the cardboard as shown. 

Step 6: Attach the wheels to the car

Attach the wheels to the car as shown

Step 7: Flip the car over

Flip the car so the tape and straw side is down. At this point, the car should roll freely if you push it.

Take the paper clip, and bend one end of it as shown. Place it at the center of the cardboard.

Step 8: Tape the paper clip

Tape the paper clip to the cardboard as shown.

Step 9: Attach the Straw Mast

Attach the straw mast to the Paper clip as shown, with tape.

Step 10: Design and cut the sail

Draw and cut the sail from the color paper provided. You can experiment with different shapes of sail to see which works best.

Step 11: Attach the Sail

Attach the sail to the straw mast with tape as shown.

Step 12: Decorate your wind powered car

Add pompoms, pipe cleaners, and make cool designs on it with sketchpens.

Step 13: See your car go! Power it with a hairdryer

Power your car with a hairdryer, and watch it go!

Step 14: Try another sail design

Power your car with a hairdryer, and watch it go!

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