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What are some of the lesser known career paths in STEM?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Author: Amrita Shenoy

Have you asked your child about what he/she wants to do in life?

Well, I talked to about ten pre-teenagers, a lot of them told me that they want to become gamers, singers and even scientists. But then I asked them about being graphic designers or software analysts. But more than 65% had no idea what these meant.

What are the popular STEM subjects?

Most teenagers know about cybersecurity and software engineering. According to EDC, there are about 23 million software engineers worldwide. Most students are also pretty familiar with streams that include pure sciences that deal with the study of natural phenomenons through observations and research.

Here are some of the lesser known yet fascinating STEM careers you need to read up on:

Patent attorney

A patent attorney is a member of a unique legal profession - a lawyer, who is qualified to advise clients about patents (and usually other intellectual property rights) and who assists them in obtaining patents granted by patent offices around the world.

Required Skillset

  • Good communication skills and attention to detail

  • A good connection between STEM and law

  • Ability to work with tight schedules

Ethical hacking

A white-hat hacker is an ethical computer hacker or a computer security expert. He specializes in penetration testing and other testing methods that help in securing a company’s database.

Required Skillset

  • Information technology

  • Experience in network security

  • Knowledge of operating systems


A cryptozoologist aims to prove the existence of mythical creatures from various tales that include Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster (cryptids). This is considered a pseudoscience and subculture.

Required Skillset

  • Knowledge in subjects include zoology, psychology, conservation and many more

  • Research and survival skills

  • Performing fieldwork

Cosmetic scientist

A cosmetic chemist specializes in the development, formulation and testing of many products in the cosmetic industry. This involves a lot of organic and inorganic chemistry and biochemistry in cosmetics.

Required Skillset

  • A strong base in chemistry and biology

  • Research in the cosmetic industries

  • A lot of research, technical and analytical skills

These are only a few of the top courses that fall under the STEM education category. You can dig deeper and find hundreds of other STEM majors that catch your eye. Here are a few other thrilling STEM career opportunities, that you can explore with your child!


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