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Workshops & Programs

Online Live Classes

These are our long term programs. They are completely online. Interact with our expert educators in these fun STEM subjects, and learn by making projects!

We also have a bunch of one-time workshops that happen once in a while, and these are available on the Shop Page

Explore our Programs
Ages 6 & 7

Keep you child's curiosity alive, and nurture their creativity through this unique hands-on program. 

Ages 10 - 14

Get started with programming with Scratch, a tool by MIT.

It’s intuitive, it’s creative, and it’s interactive. 

Ages 8 - 10

Kids this age are enthusiastic to learn and ready to experiment.

We learn electronics, mechanics and physics through hands-on activities. 

Ages 12 +

Learning programming is one of the most important skills today. This program teaches Python, the most popular programming language in the world.

Ages 11 - 14

This age group has jumped to the next level. They want to dive deeper, learn more.

Give them the big picture with this program.

Kids in Preschool
Ages 6 - 10

Fun, engaging hands-on STEM workshops, conducted over Zoom.

Check out our calendar here.

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