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Arduino Beginners Course

What will your kid make?

In the *Arduino Course* for kids ages 12+, kids will make the following projects:


Project 1: Make a musical instrument (8 hours - January)

Project 2: Make a person counter (8 hours - February)

Project 3: Make a remote controlled car (8 hours - March)

Project 4: Make an obstacle detecting car (8 hours - April)

Project 5: Student's choice program (8 hours - May)


Timings: Friday 6pm - 7pm and Saturday 6pm - 7pm i.e. 2 hours a week


Fees: Rs 3200/- per month. To sign up, please pay the first month's fees.


A kit with all required electronics items will be shipped to your home. Students need to have a working laptop with a USB port. 

What will they learn?
They will learn the basics about electricity, circuits, electronics and the Arduino Uno programming board. They will also learn basics of C++ Programming, variables, functions, loops and conditional programming. 

Arduino Beginners Course

  • Friday 6pm - 7pm

    Saturday 6pm - 7pm

  • Please note the Fees of Rs 3200 is for the first month only. The total course is 5 months long, and fees for each month will be collected at the start of the month. 

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